Brad’s Broccoli Poppers

img_2566Ok so before I talk about the snack itself, let me just start off by saying raw broccoli is not my jam.  Steamed broccoli = yum, but raw broccoli is no bueno in my book.  That being said, this snack was quite a pleasant surprise! I love the cheesy flavor and the bite-size pieces.  Felt like I was eating popcorn (but not really, ya know?)  Whether you like cheese, ranch, or garlic, this snack definitely satisfies my savory tooth.


Ingredients: Brocoli, sunflower seeds, chickpea miso (rice, chickpea, sea salt, water, koji spores (aspergillus oryzae), lemon juice, carrot, onion, garlic, tomato, himalayan salt, tumeric.




Certified Organic

Certified Vegan




Price – These broccoli poppers run at about $3.95/bag and there isn’t that much in there.

Sodium – If you’re watching your sodium, this might not be the snack for you.  It’s quite salty.  Make sure to drink plenty of water!

Texture – It’s kind of a love/hate relationship here. I’m kinda digging the chewy/crunchy texture, at the same time there is an inconsistency to it that makes me afraid I might bite into something hard and crack my tooth.


Overall rating (1-10):

Taste – 7

Appearance – 7

Value – 5

Sustainability – 8


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